Beaver Gang

Playing time: 10min
# of Players: 2-6
Suggested age: 6+
Art. no: 56009
Stock: 4 Item
Manufacturer: Amigo Spiele

Dive and confusion, which makes small rodents fun! Only very rarely do they look out from under the hole cards. You have to be careful as hell not to lose track of them, or smuggle in even more 'water rat ne one, and now wants to really have any!

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"Beaver gang" is a card game for Ages 6 and up, the object of which is to improve your initial unknown 4-card hand so that you have a lower sum of cards than the other players. There are 66 cards in the deck, which consists of ranks 0-9 and 3 different types of action cards. Four cards are dealt face down to each player so that no player knows the values of her cards. The four cards are then arranged in a row and each player may briefly look at her outer two cards. A player's turn consists of drawing a card from the top of the draw pile or discard pile. If the player drew from the draw pile, there are several possible actions: If it is a number card, she may replace one of her face down cards with it (placing it face down) or she may simply discard it. A player may knock at the end of her turn meaning that each other player has one more turn before the round is over. When the round ends, players turn over their cards and add up their values. The player with the lowest total value wins.