Playing time: 20min
# of Players: 2-5
Suggested age: 8+
Art. no: 56018
Stock: >5 Item
Manufacturer: Amigo Spiele

All players try to overbid their opponents to get the best suited cards which are then placed into decks in increasing order. But beware! Only one deck which has the most bullheads in it counts in final scoring – every other deck decreases your score. Luckyly there are bullheads that only count as positive points.

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HOBBYSHOP AKROPOLIS (Kaunas) - 34 vnt. HOBBYSHOP MEGA (Kaunas) - 18 vnt. HOBBYSHOP MOLAS (Kaunas) - 23 vnt. HOBBYSHOP PANORAMA (Vilnius) - 26 vnt. HOBBYSHOP OZAS (Vilnius) - 28 vnt. HOBBYSHOP AKROPOLIS (Vilnius) - 29 vnt. HOBBYSHOP AKROPOLIS (Šiauliai) - 28 vnt. HOBBYSHOP BIG (Klaipėda) - 23 vnt. HOBBYSHOP AKROPOLIS (Klaipėda) - 22 vnt.

In Bullenparty the goal of the game is to collect the best suited cards and let the other have the rest. The problem is that cards always come in sets which may contain cards you don't need. Additionally you can only place cards on your deck in increasing ordes and in the end only one of those decks counts in final scoring. Bullenparty is great game to play among your friends and family. It is fast to learn and quick to play but offers many opportunities to turn the luck against your opponents.