Playing time: 30min
Suggested age: 8+
# of Players: 3-10
Art. no: BGM-009
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Manufacturer: Brain Games

"Saboteur" – is a role card game, where  players are little gnomes searching for gold. 

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You work as a dwarf in a mine and you are not only enthused by the love against your work but also the fact that you may find secret chamber underground filled with gold. If you'd only know which player is with you and which of them work against the noble goal. This can be determined only during the game by their actions...                                                                                                         Briefly about basic "Saboteur" game – it‘s a roles card game, where players are little gnomes, who are searching for gold. Some are looking for gold, but others become a sabotages, that aims to prevent finding the gold. Who was a gold-digger, and who was a saboteur ,you will know only at the end o the game. This allows players to deceive others and cause to be very careful and don‘t trust anyone. Fun disputes, debates and suspicions are guaranteed! In addition, the game can be played by up to 10 people and it takes less than an hour, so the "Saboteur" - a great way to spend a good time for large companies.