Playing time: 45min
# of Players: 2-4
Suggested age: 13+
Art. no: 56071
Stock: >5 Item
Manufacturer: Asmodee

Many years ago, during the Japanese Emperor court, the Emperor of China suggested to announce a „Giant Panda“ as a symbol of peace. Since then, the Japanese Emperor has entrusted a difficult task to his court members - to take care of these animals, who very liked his bamboo gardens.

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HOBBYSHOP AKROPOLIS (Kaunas) - 12 vnt. HOBBYSHOP MEGA (Kaunas) - 5 vnt. HOBBYSHOP PANORAMA (Vilnius) - 12 vnt. HOBBYSHOP OZAS (Vilnius) - 12 vnt. HOBBYSHOP AKROPOLIS (Vilnius) - 11 vnt. HOBBYSHOP AKROPOLIS (Šiauliai) - 8 vnt. HOBBYSHOP BIG (Klaipėda) - 17 vnt. HOBBYSHOP AKROPOLIS (Klaipėda) - 18 vnt.

Players cultivate land plots, water them, grow one of the three types of bamboo (green, yellow and pink), and with the Imperial gardener's help, they try to keep these gardens. However, players have to take care of sacred animals hunger, because they are very attracted by the succulent and soft bamboo. The player, who best manages his land plots to cultivate bamboos and assuages panda‘s appetite wins the game.

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