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Hobbyshop gift voucher

You want to buy a really great gift, but you can not find it anywhere? Let it be done by whom you give this gift - perhaps he already knows what he would like to get, but does not dare to ask? For the money you are willing to spend for the gift just buy gift voucher. Exclusive feature of our gift voucher - there is no denominations. Just tell the amount of money you would like to spend and we will write it down! Choosing our gift voucher will be the right decision! Thanks to it your friends or loved ones will get a great surprise and unforgettable impressions or memories. Gift voucher can be purchased in any HOBBYSHOP store. 


  • Maximum sum of gift voucher is unlimited, minimum - 10 EUR.
  • All gift voucher sum must be used in one time within 3 months period.



HOBBYSHOP gift voucher terms of use: 

  1. -  Gift voucher sum must be used in one time.
  2. -  Maximum sum of gift voucher is unlimited, minimum - 10 EUR.
  3. -  Gift voucher (s) approve its holder's right to use specified sum of gift voucher (s). Purchase excess can be paid in cash or by bank card.
  4. -  Gift voucher is not convertible into money.
  5. -  Gift voucher is valid for 3 months. If gift voucher is not used during its validity period, then it shall be deemed invalid.
  6. -  If gift voucher holder makes a purchase for lower sum than specified in gift voucher, remaining amount of money is not returned.