Colt Express

Playing time: 40min
Suggested age: 10+
# of Players: 2-6
Art. no: LUCOEX1lt
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Manufacturer: Ludonaute

July 11th, 1899: 10 A.M. The Union Pacific Express leaves Folsom, New Mexico, with forty-seven passengers. Yet after mere minutes, the sound of rapid footsteps is heard from overhead, followed by the jarring staccato of gunfire. Heavily armed bandits have boarded the train and begun robbing honest citizens of their wallets and jewelry! Though the bandits attacked together, greed will quickly triumph over fragile alliances in the presence of so much money. After all, only one bandit leaves the train richer than all his former allies…

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Colt Express is a board game of schemin’ and stealin’ for two to six bandits aboard a three-dimensional steam train. You play as one of a group of ruthless bandits, dead set on grabbing as much loot and shooting as many bullets at your former companions as possible. Every round, you must determine what actions your bandit will take, whether you’re grabbing loot, firing bullets, punching another bandit, or running along the roof of the train car. If you can predict what your opponents will do, you can respond to their actions and stay one step ahead, but if you’re knocked off-track, you’ll find your shots flying wide. Only the richest bandit can claim victory on the Colt Express when the train pulls into the station!