Hobbyshop loyalty card

Club membership card helps saving money!

Buy and save shopping vouchers for at least 100 Eur and get HOBBYSHOP club membership card for free.

HOBBYSHOP club membership card allows its holder to discounts in all  HOBBYSHOP stores:

   - Boards games, brain-teasers and poker items - 10%.

   - Soomo brand radio controlled models - 10%.

   - RC models and parts - 5%.


Club membership card issuance and conditions of use:

- HOBBYSHOP club membership card is issued to the buyer who collects HOBBYSHOP shopping vouchers for no less than 100Eur (including VAT).

- Club member discount applies to sales proposals – ie additional 5% or 10% discount from promotional price is given.

- Club membership card is issued for free of charge by filling in the questionaire of membership.

- Club member himself fills the form, signs ir and leaves it in the store.

- On the other side of the card club member name and surname is written down and the card is given to new member of the club.