Returns & Warranty

Return of goods

To return the purchased goods, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Please provide the following information:

     - Product name;

     - Payment receipt;

     - Reason for the return.

When we receive your message we will contact you personally and coordinate procedures and conditions for repayment.

Not suitable or faulty goods  can be exchanged or returned in accordance with LR Minister of Economy in 2001.29 June. Order No 217 on the return and exchange Rules for approved return and exchange Rule.

Delivery of goods shall be done by buyer to seller.

In orders to return item (s), purchaser must comply with the following conditions:

1. The returned item must be in original packaging and undamaged;

2. The product must be intact;

3. Item must be unused, of marketable appearance (intact label and so on). This paragraph shall not apply in the case of a defective product returned;

4. The returned item must be of the same completion as it was received;

5. When returning the item it is necessary to provide acquisition document;

6. The seller has the right  to reject returned goods if the customer does not comply.

7. If the seller proves that the defect is due to the fact of not complying with the rules of goods usage and storage, such item is not exchanged, removal of shortcomings are non-refundable and money for the item are not returned.