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We invite you to visit us in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Riga and Tallinn!

Meet HOBBYSHOP – best board games, brain-teasers and puzzles, radio controlled models, pokers items and many other leisure activities.

On HOBBYSHOP shelves, among variety of colorful board games, you will find products of well known brands such as Asmodee, Abacus Spiele, Amigo, Days of Wonder, Eureka, Fantasy Flight Games, Goliath, Dr. Wood, Philos, University Games, Zoch, Eagle Games, Z-Man and others.
In addition we have translated and prepared for you games such as Anti-Monopoly, Pickomino, Alhambra, Tobago, Stop, Boochie, Wizard, Dixit, MadWish, Scrablle, Jungle Speed , Solo.
In HOBBYSHOP stores you can find and choose a fun board game – for both children and adults; insanely crazy brain-teasers – perfect for gifts; professional radio controlled model or a high quality poker accessories. Does anybody objects that HOBBYSHOP is a part of your leisure?
In 2008 we have opened first HOBBYSHOP store in Vilnius. Currently HOBBYSHOP stores can be found in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Riga and Tallin.
Moreover, if you visit us, you can just simply try one of the games in our shop. Anyone who dropped in our store is free to sit down and challenge HOBBYSHOP employees. And for more selective customer HOBBYSHOP gaming guru will offer the best game for yourself or as a gift.
HOBBYSHOP is organizing board game tournaments in which can compete everyone who wants – there is no age limit and we do not demand special preparation. We also cooperate with a variety of board games clubs. And most importantly, we promote and encourage everybody to more interesting, full of positive emotions leisure time.

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