RC parts

A high-quality radio-controlled model has separate chassis, body and engine parts that can be replaced if they break. RC parts allow you to not only enjoy the model after minor or serious accidents, but also to improve the model to make it run faster, better or longer. If you are skillful, ordering RC parts from us will allow you to repair or upgrade the model for the further usage.

Spare parts for RC models

Each radio controlled model comes with an instruction manual with a detailed parts list and/or graphic representation. With their help, you can easily find the code (number) of the required RC part, which you can purchase in our store. RC parts help you adjust or change the appearance and technical capabilities of your model. A new body, wheels and tires, springs or shock absorbers will not only provide new experiences, but also update the appearance of the model. If the standard battery of the model is not enough, you can purchase an additional (higher capacity) battery or a faster charger. Thus, spare parts help to fully tune and upgrade the RC model. So that it meets all your expectations.